interrail insights pt. 1 – packing

interrail, the the cheap and easy way of traveling all over europe and making your wish of traveling a little bit more reachable. for young and old and the people with much or little time, it is a perfect way of reasonably running away from the “real world” for a little bit.
and that is what i recently did, very successfully, i might add, with a couple of my friends. we had been planning since approximately november last year and then made the very binding decision of buying our tickets. we choose, from the many options, the ticket that made it possible to travel by train (not all trains are included, but ENOUGH) every day, for a whole month. then we decided to choose august for our project, we being a group of six, including four boys and me and my friend lena. after throwing arguments back and forth, we settled on the colder side of europe, due to some of us not being able to properly function over 30 degrees. scandinavia, the netherlands, the united kingdom and maybe paris if we could fit it in at the end (we did). regarding the sleeping situation, we just decided on two tents, because there is a thing called every mans right, that basically just means you are allowed to sleep in the wild, in most of the countries we were going to visit. then, a couple months later, we were all packed and ready to go, and so i come to my first couple of tips about…

– first of all, you need a good backpack, here i could tell you all about our disasters and how we ended up with two backpacks only being held together by hope and cable ties, but that is not that important, it is best to just go to a store that sells professional camping gear and get some help
– only take what you really really need and DO NOT overpack
– when it comes to clothes, stuff you can wear on multiple occasions is really good, also it’s important that it fits the weather situation you are going to travel into
– regarding underwear for girl, sportsbras and a bikini, is what brought me a long way (literally, many thousand kilometers)
– you will constantly wear your shoes, so pick a comfortable pair of waterproof running or hiking shoes and some flip flops
– a rain jacket is key, if you are going to places like sweden or england
– the next thing to think about is personal issues, do you need any meds, special hygiene articles, sunblock 50, things like that, those are REALLY IMPORTANT
– talking about meds, bring pain killers, something for nausea and some bandages
– you might want to document your trip, so a journal, a camera or things like that are a good thing to bring, also, of course, your phone (bring chargers for all of your electronic devices)
– then some basics – cable ties, safety pins, duct tape and a pocket knife
– pack your TICKET, ID and CREDIT CARD
– and the rest is up to your personal journey