pablo brooks – so young but so talented

pablo brooks is a perfect example for a phenomenon that keeps happening with young youtubers – a vlogger or lifestyle blogger decides to display their musical talents and post covers and later on original songs. we see this with people like troye sivan, dodie clark or conan gray (i recently wrote an article on him as well:

but what makes pablo brooks stick out, what makes him that little bit more intriguing? well he is  an especially talented guy, that managed to take the step into the music industry really early and offers a lot of different content that is not just entertaining, but very pleasing to watch as he has an amazing artistic eye and handles a camera well.

but what made me write this article and get in touch with him for an interview is his song recurring role that was accompanied by a beautifully shot music video that represents his aesthetic and style of music quite well.

so after reading this and getting to know pablo a little better you should definitely check that out and then binge watch all of his videos and send him some love from me!


could you introduce yourself, tell something about you, who you are, all that stuff?
sure! my name is pablo and i’m 15 years old. i’m from germany and i’ve been making music ever since i can remember, to be honest. i started posting my own music & covers on youtube when i was 11 – i’m always listening to music and always singing, because music is just such a great thing.
what originally brought you to music and is it something that still inspires you to this day?
i guess what originally brought me to music was my dad playing his old vinyls in our living room and eventually i just started singing along to songs i liked. he listened to a lot of artists that still inspire me today, like the beatles, bob dylan and david bowie.
what do you consider yourself, a youtuber that makes music, a musician with a youtube channel, or something completely different?
well, because i only started posting my music on youtube after already having a channel for like 2 years, i’d say that i’m a youtuber that makes also music.
have you ever thought about making a whole album and if so, will this be a thing that happens in the near future?
i’d love to do that – it’s always been kind of a dream, but i’m currently working on an EP, which will definitely be out in the near future!
would you like to play your music live some day?
that’s like my biggest dream! i love going to concerts and listening to music live, so performing my music live would be absolutely incredible!
do you like being a solo artist or would you rather be in a band?
i love being a solo artist, because i can call all the shots about my music and can decide what i’m creating, how i’m creating it and am completely independent from everything, but being in a band would also be pretty cool, because you’d have so many creative influences going into a project, which is great too.
what instruments do you play and are there any you’d like to learn additionally?
i play the ukulele, the guitar and a bit of piano, but i’d love to learn to master the piano, because i just really want to write a heart-felt, kind of depressing ballad, if that makes any sense.
how does your own music differ from the music you like to listen to?
even though i do take inspiration from a lot of the music i listen to, i always like to make my music as unique as possible and just create something which is completely “me”, but still something i’d listen to.
when you write music, what are your inspirations?
as stupid as it sounds, i take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings – my friends, my family and everything else going on around me, that was also what “recurring role” is based on. my style is definitely inspired by a lot of my favourite artists, like lorde, frank ocean, rex orange county, billie eilish and alvvays.
do you want to do music as a job?
i mean i’d love to do it as a job, as music is something i’ve always done and have always been extremely passionate about, so doing it as a job would be an absolute dream come true.




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