L A N Y @ strom – munich

lany are a california indie band, that, if i had to compare them to another band, fits in the kind of the 1975, chase atlantic box and is often connected to halsey and troye sivan due to joined tours.

the three piece band, fronted by lead singer paul jason klein, that also plays the keyboard and guitar, is from los angeles, what also lead to their name, an acronym for los angeles new york. they’ve been a band since 2014, but all of them had worked in music preaviously.

their live shows are an adventure, that starts with a caution warning for loud sounds, flashing lights and the possibility that the next 80 minutes might be one of the best nights of your life. which basically sums the whole experience up very well.

we, a concert buddy of mine and i, saw them live in munich, germany, what gave us the great chance of seeing them in a quite small venue due to them, NOT YET, being very famous outside of the us. but their strong aesthetic, physically¬† pleasing band members and unique sound will soon reach a wide community, that is something i’m very sure about.

their live show is very interactive and even if the music wasn’t so good, it would still be very much worth it, because of the way they so beautifully incorporate lights, pauls awkward dancing (he’s actually really good at this, but dancing alone on a stage while singing and or playing an instrument, just is not something you see every day) and and a lot of props, like bottles, pride flags and a ton of velvet red roses.

but the music is good, great, breathtakingly beautiful. the thought out lyrics that were constantly exchanged between the crowd and the stage, the beautiful sounds that made us jump and dance and laugh and cry and the whole concept of seeing somebody live that constructed the songs that underline your life as a constant soundtrack. the use of slightly changing up melodies and lyrics (you need to know that i’m hella obsessed with your FACES) and incorporating covers made it even more personal and so amazing!

so if you ever get the chance to see them live, please consider it!

music, links and one of their videos are down below

ps: i apologize for the bad picture quality, i took them on my phone

pps: two of the pictures are not mine, soph took them s/o to her