catch a rose

for you these roses might be just flowers, pretty flowers, but without a meaning to them. in my case that is different. usually when someone gets flowers, they keep them, because it’s a present from someone special. that’s in my case also different. i gave them to someone special, or to be honest, i threw them at someone special. a cute little guy called brendon urie. you might know him, if not, the only thing you need to know about him is, that he means the world to me and that he’s a singer/performer. i went to see him live and i brought these roses with me. i waited quite some time to be in the front row, but it was so worth it. when i threw the roses he saw it and picked them up, smelled them and then he smiled at me with the brightest smile someone could give you. and that makes me still so happy, because he saw me. i’m not in love with this man, but i feel a deep love for him. his music is something that can always make me smile and now it’s forever connected with the moment where he as a person made me, face to face, smile and i did the same to him. so these roses represent love, not in a romantic, but in a thankful and adoring way.
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i just came back from an awesome festival and i wanted to share some experience and maybe you can take something with you that will help you when you’re going to your next festival.


* don’t drive to far away, it might not be worth it.

sure, some festivals might be very appealing to you, but you should also look out for some that are around your area or your country. it’s not just less expensive, but if you meet people it’s also easier to see them again, when they live near your home. there are a lot of very small festivals all over the place, that you can easily find on the internet when you search for “your hometown” and “festival”.

* only bring what you really need

we all want to be prepared for any situation, but do you really need three rain jackets and more than two pair of shoes? you’ll have enough luggage with just the things you really need so don’t pack any more.

* alcohol?!

you might think that because nearly everyone is drinking on festivals it makes the experience better, but i don’t think so. you are there for the music and for the fun and you don’t get to enjoy the music drunk as good as you would sober and it’s not very fun to vomit at dirty festival toilets while your favourite band is playing.

* plan before you get there

what bands do you want to see? where are there playing and when? those are all questions you should be able to answer when you get to the festival. it sucks when you are not able to see an artist you wanted to see, because you fucked up to make a plan in the first place.


my top five festival items:

1. water / non alcoholic drinks

bring enough liquid to stay hydrated, you do not want to pass out.

2. practical clothes, especially shoes

you might not be the best looking festival visitor, but you are not going to be in pain or sick the next day. bring a rain jacket, solid shoes and clothes that are not to nice or expensive.

3. ticket

buy your ticket before you get there. it’ probably a bit more expensive, but you have it for sure. also don’t forget your ID.

4. hygiene products

please use deodorant, shower and brush your teeth. it’s not just good for you, but also for everyone around you.


you should definitely have fun and if you don’t bring friends, make some.

and now, you are ready. GOOD LUCK!



2016 records you should check out – spring

* the shadow side – andy black … dark and full of feels
* the colour in anything – james blake … the story of a beautiful, but quite sad life
* dark matter – the word alive … loud and like a hidden journal
* vacation ll – acid ghost … if red wine with friends was a album
* it’s the big joyous celebration, let’s stir the honeypot – teen suicide … don’t be sad darling, you can go trough that
* us – gnash … friends and a bit of love
* drink bleach – blackbear … no matter how high you are, you can relate
* white noise – pvris … supernatural love
* live and unplugged – sleeping with sirens … there’s a concert in your head
* misadventures – pierce the veil … scream the things you can’t say


things to do when you have  a day off and the weather is good enough to go outside:

– take pictures IMG_1233IMG_1248IMG_1241IMG_1256IMG_1275IMG_1288IMG_1300IMG_1315

– think about stuff, you usually don’t have the time to think about

– dance, scream, sing to your favourite songs

a little bit of inspiration:

* fall out boy

*the neighbourhood

*panic! at the disco

*twenty one pilots

*sleeping with sirens

*pierce the veil

*my chemical romance

*the 1975

*green day

*bring me the horizon


*andy black

– climb a tree (but don’t fall down, please)

– write something, a poem, a little story or scribble something

– speak to yourself


chase atlantic

today i’d like to introduce you to a band i’m listening now for quite a while – chase atlantic.



it’s a band with now three members, but they were once more, in other bands, had another name, all this stuff, but i’m going to focus on the stuff they do right now or did recently . two of them are brothers, mitchel and clinton cave and a friend of them, christian anthony is also in the band. they’re from australia and right now they all still live there. they all can play guitar and i think also some other instruments but i only know about clinton and his saxophone. in the band isn’t just one of the boys the vocalist, they all sing ans that give them some sort of boyband touch, but that just supports the vibe they give you when you listen to them.

their genre is something like pop and a bit rock, they sometimes sound (and also look in their latest music video to OBSESSIVE a bit like the 1975 and if you listen closely you can hear some sort of 5SOS sound.

some things you should recognize when you listen to their music is that they’re all very young, because i think it’s always impressive to see when such young people make really good music.

and if you’re coincidentally live in australia you should be very happy, because they are going on a australia tour very soon and there are still some tickets.

now i’m gonna throw some links on you, just check them out if you want to known more about them or listen to their music (what you definitely should, btw)

their website:




Umstellung Nr. wahrscheinlich inzwischen 10

ich habe in letzter Zeit viel auf meinem tumblr blog geschrieben und da es dort sehr schwer ist posts zu bearbeiten oder bilder so einzufügen, dass sie ganauso sind wie man sie gerne hätte habe ich gedacht ich werde ein paar davon hier hochladen.

es wird viel über musik oder serien kommmen, vielleicht ein paar diy’s und natürlich auch wieder vorstellungen verschiedener dinge.

und auch an der art wie ich schreiben werde, wird sich, wie man vielleicht schon jetzt merkt wird sich etwas ändern. manche posts werden auf englisch sein, manche vielleicht ganz ohne satzzeichen.

ich weiß wirklich nicht ob jemand diesen blog aktiv verfolgt und ob das hier jemals jemand lesen wird, aber ich finde meine updates teilen den feed immer sehr schön und man sieht wo etwas neues beginnt.