spiderman homecoming (2017) – review

this friday i went to the cinema with a friend and we, both big marvel and general superhero lovers, decided to give tom holland a chance to deepen our love to him after his short appearance in the civil war movie.

for me personally, andrew garfield made an amazing (didn’t see that coming did ya?) spiderman and an even better peter parker. seeing tom portraying the classic hero changed that opinion quite a bit. sure, i was always aware, that garfield wasn’t exactly a teenager (well, he kinda was 15 years to old) and not really the typical high school nerd that he was originally as a comic version, but i always liked his portrayal.

holland gives the character a new twist, being a funny, innocent, overexcited teenager that for once actually looks like he could be found in a typical american highschool. he was 19 when he first appeared as the hero in the red and blue suit and even tho that’s a bit to old to actually be a student, he delivered a very convincing peter, with a weird best friend, a crush on a senior and a loving relationship with his aunt may. his athletic abilities, being a dancer, a gymnast, doing parkour and several other sports, gave him the chance to do a lot of his own stunts and generally be very authentic about the character.

my only problem was flash, the guy that for once doesn’t terrorize peters alter ego, but himself, the smart, but a little unpopular kid in school. he is usually a typical bully¬† in his younger years and in some adoptions also a villain that has to be fought later on. this time he is a fellow mathlet of some kind and the only thing bad he does, is the spreading of some kind of a bad nickname pun thing and being very annoying. i always liked him as some kind of challenge that peter parker had to fight without a mask, that made him realize that there are also problems in the “real” world.

over all i really liked the movie, the casting, that by the way included RDJ as some kind of mentor, the cinematography and overall i am very  excited for the next appearance that tom holland will make as spiderman.

watch the trailer here:

edgy is the thing that comes to mind first – philip brooks

it’s not really indie, it’s definitely not pop, it’s something very unique and quite specific – and also something very very good.
philip (j) brooks, a german musician, clothing designer and youtuber, known for playing in the band “the golden tragedy” and his (shared) online clothing store “fbnz store”.
now he’s debuting solo with an ep and we already got a little insight with the song “half asleep” that doesn’t just sound good but also look very good (https://youtu.be/OFeiJf9KgE4).
his lofi vintage vibe and the soothing voice could probably make anyone feel like wearing a jean jacket and smoking hand rolled cigarettes.
but it’s not just the sound, his lyrics are also really good and after listening to the song for the feeling, listening again for the song lyrics is a good idea.

i highly suggest you search up to his old stuff, check half asleep out and think about preordering his ep.

(picture taken from phils instagram, no photographer known (but knowing his talents he probably shot it himself))


his website: philip-brooks.com

his twitter: https://twitter.com/philsavedpizza

his instagram: instagram.com/philipjbrooks

festival trends 2017

i, an individual that loves live music and festival vibes, love going to festivals and just recently the time of year started again, where on every weekend there is one in another town.

i observed a little bit and gathered what, inn my opinion, could be the leading trends of festival fashion trends this year, all of these also count for all genders, some where more worn by women, some more by men, but it usually was quite diverse.


  • generally everything that reflects, lots of glitter, highlighter and even little mirrors glued down on the usually otherwise bare skin
  • metallic colours
  • patterns drawn on, like flowers, triangles or circles


  • lots and lots of braids, often also with things braided into the hair, like pearls, flowers or little fabric pieces
  • lots of dread locks, but often not all the hair, more just a couple of strands
  • and, quite obviously, space buns
  • all of the above were often topped of with glitter glue


  • dungarees, in all forms, long, short, as dresses
  • every imaginable item of clothes with sequins on them, like literally everything from shoes over pants and shirts to head bands
  • crop tops with cut outs, so even more skin is shown


  • plushie backpacks with animal faces on them, kind of like the ones kindergarten children have sometimes
  • straw hats in all forms and colours
  • metallic tribal tattoos
  • bubbles (the soapy childrens birthday party ones)
  • sunburn


so if you are going to a festival, you might want to try some of these out.

also, if you have more, please let me know!!

have fun this festival season,