VO/D – camcorder music

lofi dream pop, that’s what void sounds like to me, and that in the best way possible.

the two piece band from london has a pretty consolidated aesthetic Рgrainy videos, slightly distorted voices that are somehow still incredibly smooth and melodies that seem to be either out of a dream or an 80s indie movie. 

i found out about them over twitter and their covers of popular alternative artists like the 1975, twenty one pilots, lany or lorde. while capturing the essence of the artist they are covering, there is always a certain aspect that makes the song THEIRS and a little bit special.

their own songs carry that sound in them and push the already known character that i got introduced to by their covers a little bit further, with lyrics that  fit the dreamy sounds perfectly.

i had the honor of listening to their next single “ache” that will come out soon and it is, while being a continuation of their style, a little bit more on the pop side, which is a great platform for the voice of their singer. i personally, really liked the song and am excited for what else is to come.

so if you want to check them out, i really recommend doing so:

their youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBDTiaf-Te_vKIiSeMhIhwg/videos

their instagram (this is so aesthetically pleasing, even if you don’t listen to music or something, just go look at it, because it is so beautiful): https://www.instagram.com/v0id_music/


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