edgy is the thing that comes to mind first – philip brooks

it’s not really indie, it’s definitely not pop, it’s something very unique and quite specific – and also something very very good.
philip (j) brooks, a german musician, clothing designer and youtuber, known for playing in the band “the golden tragedy” and his (shared) online clothing store “fbnz store”.
now he’s debuting solo with an ep and we already got a little insight with the song “half asleep” that doesn’t just sound good but also look very good (https://youtu.be/OFeiJf9KgE4).
his lofi vintage vibe and the soothing voice could probably make anyone feel like wearing a jean jacket and smoking hand rolled cigarettes.
but it’s not just the sound, his lyrics are also really good and after listening to the song for the feeling, listening again for the song lyrics is a good idea.

i highly suggest you search up to his old stuff, check half asleep out and think about preordering his ep.

(picture taken from phils instagram, no photographer known (but knowing his talents he probably shot it himself))


his website: philip-brooks.com

his twitter: https://twitter.com/philsavedpizza

his instagram: instagram.com/philipjbrooks

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