VO/D – camcorder music

lofi dream pop, that’s what void sounds like to me, and that in the best way possible.

the two piece band from london has a pretty consolidated aesthetic – grainy videos, slightly distorted voices that are somehow still incredibly smooth and melodies that seem to be either out of a dream or an 80s indie movie. 

i found out about them over twitter and their covers of popular alternative artists like the 1975, twenty one pilots, lany or lorde. while capturing the essence of the artist they are covering, there is always a certain aspect that makes the song THEIRS and a little bit special.

their own songs carry that sound in them and push the already known character that i got introduced to by their covers a little bit further, with lyrics that  fit the dreamy sounds perfectly.

i had the honor of listening to their next single “ache” that will come out soon and it is, while being a continuation of their style, a little bit more on the pop side, which is a great platform for the voice of their singer. i personally, really liked the song and am excited for what else is to come.

so if you want to check them out, i really recommend doing so:

their youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBDTiaf-Te_vKIiSeMhIhwg/videos

their instagram (this is so aesthetically pleasing, even if you don’t listen to music or something, just go look at it, because it is so beautiful): https://www.instagram.com/v0id_music/


pablo brooks – so young but so talented

pablo brooks is a perfect example for a phenomenon that keeps happening with young youtubers – a vlogger or lifestyle blogger decides to display their musical talents and post covers and later on original songs. we see this with people like troye sivan, dodie clark or conan gray (i recently wrote an article on him as well: http://lenascolours.com/?p=1688).

but what makes pablo brooks stick out, what makes him that little bit more intriguing? well he is  an especially talented guy, that managed to take the step into the music industry really early and offers a lot of different content that is not just entertaining, but very pleasing to watch as he has an amazing artistic eye and handles a camera well.

but what made me write this article and get in touch with him for an interview is his song recurring role that was accompanied by a beautifully shot music video that represents his aesthetic and style of music quite well.

so after reading this and getting to know pablo a little better you should definitely check that out and then binge watch all of his videos and send him some love from me!


could you introduce yourself, tell something about you, who you are, all that stuff?
sure! my name is pablo and i’m 15 years old. i’m from germany and i’ve been making music ever since i can remember, to be honest. i started posting my own music & covers on youtube when i was 11 – i’m always listening to music and always singing, because music is just such a great thing.
what originally brought you to music and is it something that still inspires you to this day?
i guess what originally brought me to music was my dad playing his old vinyls in our living room and eventually i just started singing along to songs i liked. he listened to a lot of artists that still inspire me today, like the beatles, bob dylan and david bowie.
what do you consider yourself, a youtuber that makes music, a musician with a youtube channel, or something completely different?
well, because i only started posting my music on youtube after already having a channel for like 2 years, i’d say that i’m a youtuber that makes also music.
have you ever thought about making a whole album and if so, will this be a thing that happens in the near future?
i’d love to do that – it’s always been kind of a dream, but i’m currently working on an EP, which will definitely be out in the near future!
would you like to play your music live some day?
that’s like my biggest dream! i love going to concerts and listening to music live, so performing my music live would be absolutely incredible!
do you like being a solo artist or would you rather be in a band?
i love being a solo artist, because i can call all the shots about my music and can decide what i’m creating, how i’m creating it and am completely independent from everything, but being in a band would also be pretty cool, because you’d have so many creative influences going into a project, which is great too.
what instruments do you play and are there any you’d like to learn additionally?
i play the ukulele, the guitar and a bit of piano, but i’d love to learn to master the piano, because i just really want to write a heart-felt, kind of depressing ballad, if that makes any sense.
how does your own music differ from the music you like to listen to?
even though i do take inspiration from a lot of the music i listen to, i always like to make my music as unique as possible and just create something which is completely “me”, but still something i’d listen to.
when you write music, what are your inspirations?
as stupid as it sounds, i take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings – my friends, my family and everything else going on around me, that was also what “recurring role” is based on. my style is definitely inspired by a lot of my favourite artists, like lorde, frank ocean, rex orange county, billie eilish and alvvays.
do you want to do music as a job?
i mean i’d love to do it as a job, as music is something i’ve always done and have always been extremely passionate about, so doing it as a job would be an absolute dream come true.


twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lifewithpablo

instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pablobrooks

youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PabloBrooksX


max lumer – model music

DISCLAIMER – if you get frustrated when good musician only have very little music out (1 SONG, max, one song), don’t listen to this artist (or maybe do, because he is really good)

when you google the name max lumer – barely anything regarding the actual artist comes up, there is a facebook and an instagram, a youtube account with only his song paper boat and a teaser for said and lots of random stuff that is not about him. his instagram does provide a lot of pictures of his pretty face and in his story he sings every once in a while, but it is really not that big of an informative base. so on what foundation am i going to build this you might wonder.

well, is listening to the same song on repeat for literal hours enough?

no, don’t think so? well than i am glad to inform you that you are at the right place, because i was fortunate enough to get in contact with max lumer and he answered a couple of my questions.

could you introduce yourself / tell a little bit about yourself?

Hey sure!
My name is Max Lumer, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently living in Berlin.
Doing music all the time and writing as much as I can.

what are your musical influences and how do they differ from your personal taste in music?

Well, I think there are a lot of artists and bands and I could easily give hundreds of names. But there’s a band called “The 1975” and if we talk about the sound of “Paper Boat” I think it’s obviously to see that they have quiet a big impact on me.

Apart from musical influences nowadays I guess I’m a really big fan of Elton John, Leonard Cohen and of course Bob Dylan.
But talking about big artists today it’s clearly Tom Odell, Paolo Nutini, Matt Gresham, Amber Run, Lewis Capaldi, Damien Rice. There are so many names I could list.

And I wouldn’t say that I could differ between influence and my personal taste in music, because every artist I listen to gives me something new to think about. If it’s lyrically or just a new sound. So I think most of the time it’s influencing me when I really like it.

what instruments do you play?

Well, I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old. And I played it for about 15 years and started learning guitar and a bit of piano.
So yeah l play like 3 instruments but I’m not very good at playing keys haha.

(idk, looks pretty good to me)

describe your musical style with three words.


what’s the coolest place you could imagine playing a show?

I know it’s a cliché but playing a show at Madison Square Garden haha.

if you could design your personal festival that you would play, who would the rest of the bands/artists be?

Oh I love this question. I think it’s definitely Matt Gresham, Lewis Capaldi, The1975, The Neighbourhood, John Mayer, Paolo Nutini, Damien Rice. I guess it would be very jumbled haha. But all of my favorite artists.

who would you like to collaborate with?

I’d love to work again with Matt Gresham (We wrote “Paper Boat” together) .
And yeah I mean The1975 would be insane!

how do you prefer to listen to music, on the internet, records, cds, live or on cassettes?

Live and records for sure. But usually on the Internet because it’s easier. But nothing is better than listening to a good record and sipping some fine wine. 🙂

when can we expect new music from you?

Hopefully at the end of February 🙂

now that we have established, that he is not just a good musician, but also really nice (and he has an AMAZING music taste)  i reckon you all want to listen to check him out, so here are his links and REMEMBER FEBRUARY…

(also all of the pictures except the cover art (the pink one) are by Alex Mauch (his instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/alexmauch/), so thank you for that and check him out)

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maxlumer/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxlumermusic

L A N Y @ strom – munich

lany are a california indie band, that, if i had to compare them to another band, fits in the kind of the 1975, chase atlantic box and is often connected to halsey and troye sivan due to joined tours.

the three piece band, fronted by lead singer paul jason klein, that also plays the keyboard and guitar, is from los angeles, what also lead to their name, an acronym for los angeles new york. they’ve been a band since 2014, but all of them had worked in music preaviously.

their live shows are an adventure, that starts with a caution warning for loud sounds, flashing lights and the possibility that the next 80 minutes might be one of the best nights of your life. which basically sums the whole experience up very well.

we, a concert buddy of mine and i, saw them live in munich, germany, what gave us the great chance of seeing them in a quite small venue due to them, NOT YET, being very famous outside of the us. but their strong aesthetic, physically  pleasing band members and unique sound will soon reach a wide community, that is something i’m very sure about.

their live show is very interactive and even if the music wasn’t so good, it would still be very much worth it, because of the way they so beautifully incorporate lights, pauls awkward dancing (he’s actually really good at this, but dancing alone on a stage while singing and or playing an instrument, just is not something you see every day) and and a lot of props, like bottles, pride flags and a ton of velvet red roses.

but the music is good, great, breathtakingly beautiful. the thought out lyrics that were constantly exchanged between the crowd and the stage, the beautiful sounds that made us jump and dance and laugh and cry and the whole concept of seeing somebody live that constructed the songs that underline your life as a constant soundtrack. the use of slightly changing up melodies and lyrics (you need to know that i’m hella obsessed with your FACES) and incorporating covers made it even more personal and so amazing!

so if you ever get the chance to see them live, please consider it!

music, links and one of their videos are down below

ps: i apologize for the bad picture quality, i took them on my phone

pps: two of the pictures are not mine, soph took them s/o to her






edgy is the thing that comes to mind first – philip brooks

it’s not really indie, it’s definitely not pop, it’s something very unique and quite specific – and also something very very good.
philip (j) brooks, a german musician, clothing designer and youtuber, known for playing in the band “the golden tragedy” and his (shared) online clothing store “fbnz store”.
now he’s debuting solo with an ep and we already got a little insight with the song “half asleep” that doesn’t just sound good but also look very good (https://youtu.be/OFeiJf9KgE4).
his lofi vintage vibe and the soothing voice could probably make anyone feel like wearing a jean jacket and smoking hand rolled cigarettes.
but it’s not just the sound, his lyrics are also really good and after listening to the song for the feeling, listening again for the song lyrics is a good idea.

i highly suggest you search up to his old stuff, check half asleep out and think about preordering his ep.

(picture taken from phils instagram, no photographer known (but knowing his talents he probably shot it himself))


his website: philip-brooks.com

his twitter: https://twitter.com/philsavedpizza

his instagram: instagram.com/philipjbrooks

festival trends 2017

i, an individual that loves live music and festival vibes, love going to festivals and just recently the time of year started again, where on every weekend there is one in another town.

i observed a little bit and gathered what, inn my opinion, could be the leading trends of festival fashion trends this year, all of these also count for all genders, some where more worn by women, some more by men, but it usually was quite diverse.


  • generally everything that reflects, lots of glitter, highlighter and even little mirrors glued down on the usually otherwise bare skin
  • metallic colours
  • patterns drawn on, like flowers, triangles or circles


  • lots and lots of braids, often also with things braided into the hair, like pearls, flowers or little fabric pieces
  • lots of dread locks, but often not all the hair, more just a couple of strands
  • and, quite obviously, space buns
  • all of the above were often topped of with glitter glue


  • dungarees, in all forms, long, short, as dresses
  • every imaginable item of clothes with sequins on them, like literally everything from shoes over pants and shirts to head bands
  • crop tops with cut outs, so even more skin is shown


  • plushie backpacks with animal faces on them, kind of like the ones kindergarten children have sometimes
  • straw hats in all forms and colours
  • metallic tribal tattoos
  • bubbles (the soapy childrens birthday party ones)
  • sunburn


so if you are going to a festival, you might want to try some of these out.

also, if you have more, please let me know!!

have fun this festival season,


the probably easiest diy ever – a festoon

the things you’ll need:

* some sort of thread

* things to put on said thread

* something to attach it

* some kind of surface to attach it to, like a wall, a window or something like that

* a needle


now you have to pick a kind of theme, i did my favourite film, donnie darko and one of my favourite bands, twenty one pilots.

for the first one, i just cut out the numbers that donnie writes on his arm, that resemble the worlds end. i used black paper, that is a little thicker, so i’d be easier.

donnie darko
donnie darko

for the other one, i got the idea after my twenty one pilots concert, because i took the confetti, that they shoot out while playing trees with me and wanted to do something cool with it. so i wrote some of my favourite lyrics from them with my typewriter and lined them up one confetti, one piece of paper with a lyric on it and that all over.

twenty one pilots lyrics
twenty one pilots lyrics
confetti from their show
confetti from their show

other ideas i had, that i didn’t do yet, but might be a inspiration for you:
* the name of a person and pictures of them and you

* quotes and feathers

* you could use it to study and put like, spanish verbs on it and throw some pictures of spain in between

* separate threads with a pearl on each and lyrics


have fun creating!

eau rouge – this belongs on vinyl

imagine a girl, she is dressed in black from head to toe, messy hair and smudged mascara, smoke down her throat – she is the kinda character that would listen to this band.

it’s not really grunge, not just indie, you can hear a little post-punk in there and the electro part of it just fits in perfectly. it’s all of this, but mostly just unique.

the three boys are from stuttgart and right now on tour all over germany to share their music on stages, that are, in my eyes way to small for them (if u want to get tickets, klick on the link to their website below).

they just, like literally just today, released their début album called nocturnal rapture after a self titled ep, that features songs from the record.

website, with all of their social media and other important stuff: http://eaurouge-music.com

this picture was taken from the bands twitter page, all rights go to them and the photographer.
this picture was taken from the bands twitter page, all rights go to them and the photographer.



jack sparrow meets brendon urie and matty healy.

what might sound like the beginning of a really bad joke to you is actually my poor attempt to describe the style of the in 2008 formed band palaye royale (but not musically, though, just from what they look like).
but maybe they don’t need to be put in a certain drawer, maybe they are something new, a mix we have never heard. there’s swing, there’s rock, punk, soul and all of the sudden there is kellin quinn (sleeping with sirens). the lead singer of the orlando post hardcore band “stalked” them on twitter and they ended up recording the song ma chérie. this and 14 other songs can be found on their first album that debut on june 24 this year. it’s called boom boom room (side a) and deals with love, problems and everything else a 20 year old boy thinks about.
they are very theatrical, probably because they are from vegas. i personally have nerver seen them live, but for my good they have a active youtube channel, where they post live performances and just random vlogs of rehearsals or other stuff.

so, if you want to check them out, what you should, here are the links:

website: http://palayeroyale.com/

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PalayeRoyale

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/palayeroyale/

twitter: https://twitter.com/PalayeRoyale

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PalayeRoyale/

remington leight, sebastian danzig, emerson barrett